Hi Again All!

Writing to you from the beautifully wintery shores of the Golden Horn in Istanbul. Just a quick note to talk about something so so important in the world of the bartender: perspective. As my wise Dad always says ‘de gustebus non desputante est’ or ‘in matters of taste there can be no dispute’ (pardon the horrible latin spelling!). This is a philosophy the Romans stood by and I think more of us bartenders could remember as well. It means, that flat out, people taste differently. Much as how one feels different, looks different and thinks different–he also TASTES differently. And who are we as ‘guides to imbibing’ to tell a person how a Manhattan should be made, or the ‘correct recipe’ for a Singapore Sling. What it comes down to is taste and palate and if someone has the palate for a syrupy-sweet menthol laden Mojito then by golly I’m going to be the first mixologist to make it for them. Our job is to allow those who have no appreciation for the labour put in behind the bar to sit down, be treated like an honoured guest no matter what is ordered and leave with his/her life a little brighter because of our service. That’s my take on it anyways.
Why all this talk on perspective? Well let’s just say I spent some time tonight with an old friend still living in Turkey who opened my mind. To me, being able to come back to Istanbul has been the most amazing treat and I’ve realised how much I missed this gorgeously intoxicating cross-roads of art/culture and ever dichotomous city. To him, it is a bit set in it’s ways due to an envious attitude Turks have towards one another or even to those living abroad. I’m sure we both have some truth and some embellishment in our thoughts–but there lies the punch line: it’s about perspective.
Either way, when you’re lucky enough to find a moment of happiness in any place–when it’s a place that you feel lucky to visit again–then make the most of it and enjoy it wholeheartedly, I guess that’s my ‘Jerry Springer’s Final Thought’ from this sleep-deprived rant. More to come.



One Response to “Pur-spective”

  1. J.Bailey Says:

    A few of us back in America want to wish you the best of luck with your event in Istanbul! What a fantastic city to be working in, especially this time of year. It is always great to see what new tricks you have up your sleeve, so please keep us posted. Hats off to you for your brave creation of vibrant nano-chromatic cocktails! Doesn’t seem easy! We can’t wait to see the recipes.


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