Keeping Myself Honest

To all the good folks who so kindly have sent me emails and are reading this new attempt at reaching the google-sphere THANKS! And especially thanks for your patience. As many of you know if you’re in the industry, this time of year is absolutely crazy and it seems the credit crisis has only had a positive effect on those of us who provide the much needed booze to drown sorrows in.

It’s due to this rush that I’ve been so lacking in my updates. But that’s not all–I think I get a little carried away with all the writing. Anyone who’s met me in person knows that I can talk…and talk…and talk….and talk…and oh, talk! It seems this same loquaciousness comes out in my blog entries but as some good friends recently put it to me: “Blog’s aren’t exactly novels…keep it simple, keep it informative, and most of all keep it short and to the point!”

Well put. So to keep myself honest I’m going to try an experiment. 1 cocktail recipe a day. That’s it. 1 a day that I’ve NEVER before created. Some may be rubbish (although hopefully not) and some may be a bit lame…but I’ve never challenged myself to invent every single day. Usually I work in bouts of creativity…such as yesterday’s meeting with the folks at Buffalo Trace where I inadvertenly created about 8 new recipes. I’m a big believer in being prolific with the hypothesis that 1 out of every few things you write, invent or dream up will be brilliant. So let’s have it a go. Today’s cocktail:

A Date to Remember

Garnish with a 3 brandied cherries on a rosemary skewer.

There you have it…easy and simple. And a great autumn creation to boot. We’re serving it tonight at Saf and Chef Chad Sarno’s already getting loopy on them…well not quite, but soon.

Please tell me your thoughts on these cocktails and any ingredients I use. Also if you make at home, let me know how it turns out.

Cheers to all!


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