Fragile and Lacey….

I’m feeling a bit dark tonight due to the departure of my very good friend Lacey Langston from good ol’ London town. Miss Langston is not only one of the inspirations for a drink of mine (which you’ll be happy to find towards the end of this blog) but also is the sole reason for my neglecting this posting board for the last few days. Having flown in with her beau from Sunny San Diego, I felt it my duty to give Miss Langston the imbiber tour of London–one that is oh so easy to give. We’ve hit all my favourites by now including the Hawksmoor, Lonsdale, Babylon, Casita, Sosho, and Montgomery Place. Best of all we hit some of my favourite food spots as well and even had an enlightening if all-too-pretentious meal at a certain Mr. Blumenthal’s establishment.
I would say more but I’m currently working on an article about the whole experience for a small newspaper….
Anyways, back to Miss Langston…she definitely was pivotal in helping me witness London in a new light–from a novice perspective as it were but what a perspective. It’s so easy some times to be caught up in the day to day–but look at all the Capital has to offer: a scene, sophistication, access to products good ol’ NYC bartenders would be dying to get their hands on (Jensen Old Tom Gin, perhps..). Such is London, and no wonder I feel so inspired every time I’m here…I mean here is a bar culture that outstretched the pettiness one is normally usd to and just focused on great drinks, made timely and consistantly. Indeed, that’s what Jerry Thomas was about…not going crazy with exotic gastro-pub flavours or deconstructions, but just making great food that catches as much the imagination as the pallate. I think this has most definitely been accomplished.

Here’s Miss Langston in all of her glory:

20 ml Fresh Pear Juice
40 ml Fresh Green Apple Juice
Albet I Noya Organic Cava
Splash of Organic Framboise

Make sure juices are very cold. In a mixing glass, stir with the Cava until slightly frothy. Empty into a champagne flute and drizzle the framboise in the center of the drink to add a splash of color. Garnish with 3 fresh raspberries floating in the center.



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