Reviving Corpses

I love this time of year in London. It’s on the cusp of slipping into fall but still warm and sunny enough to remind us of the summer we’re slowly saying goodbye to. It’s an odd time for making drinks and leaves us always a little bit bewildered….do I go with a bright, citrusy, summer cocktail or a more savoury ‘welcome to fall’ cocktail–is it white rum or golden Calvados? Lime juice or blood orange? etc. etc. in the world of the bar. I’m happy to say that tonight our packed joint was plumb full of cocktail revelers all wondering the same questions and luckily we were able to supply them as needed with what I think were some good on the cusp options. We launched a seasonal menu change (1 of 3 to get us into Autumn full blown) and people seemed happy, if not a little legless as they left.
The best of the new list? Well I’ll be slowly divulging but my vote goes for two slurps: the Classic Corpse Reviver (#2) with it’s slightly savoury but oh so balanced and strangely autumnal blend of Cointreau, Lemon, Lillet, Junipero Gin, and a slightest dash of Absinthe (le Clandestine)….as well as the El Pecadoro which is a little number I came up with featuring Ocho Blanco Tequila, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tarragon-Thyme-Chili, Agave, and Grapefruit Bitters. I must say we had a lot of people wondering if it was really gonna work but I think they seemed quite turned around by the end of the evening. The trick is the sour (based off the traditional use of Tequila and Grapefruit Soda we go with Grapefruit) and the savoury….the savoury notes of Tarragon and Thyme. The notes match right up with the earthy and floral scents of the Ocho in a way you might not expect.
I think the main thing is, if you supply the highlights of the season but mix them with the tastes of summer (using the citrus perhaps, the aromas of lime with something like Rhubarb or Persimmon) you get the best of both worlds. That is, at least until we’re full on into Fall. Or falling over.


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